Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ellie's Halloween Costume!

Hey friends!

Look at this lovely Indian girl! Inspired by the India weddings we've photographed this year, Meredith and I thought it would be FABULOUS to have Miss Elizabeth dress in a gorgeous Indian costume. We showed her pictures from the weddings, and told her how fancy she could be, and she loved the idea! That girl does love anything FANCY!!!

So, we went all out, again avoiding the "costume" route, and got a REAL India girl saree, henna tattoos (temporary, of course) for her Mendhi on her hands, and a Bendhi for her forehead.

(if for some reason the pics aren't showing, you have to click on the yellow box - sorry!)

Here's Elizabeth getting some makeup applied by mama Mere...

Adding the Saree...


After viewing the wedding images, and Deepa's dance, she thought she could rock the pose...

I asked what other poses she knew for a girl from India. Her response:

What a sweet girl.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. Did you vote for Art Feeds today?

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