Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm giving away ONE THOUSAND dollars!

Hey everybody!

Help me! I want to give one thousand dollars to Art Feeds, a non-profit that I believe in BIG time! Watch this 1 minute video:

For every vote you give, leave me a comment and I'll donate $1. If you put a widget on your blog, leave a comment with the link and I'm donating $10!
Get your widget here: (on the right side of the page)

Here's how you can vote:

aaaaaand... text 101784 to the number: 73774

aaaaaand... you can go to the facebook page and vote:

You can do all three each day, so why don'tcha????

If you wanna know more about it, or wanna meet the lovely ladies behind Art Feeds, here's an 8 minute video interview I did with them:

Also, you definitely know that I end my posts with "talk to you soon" but this month I'm changing it up. I want to remind you to vote everyday. So, I'll be signing off a new way.

Did you vote today?

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