Friday, October 15, 2010

Letters to Ghana: Art Feeds in Action

Hey everybody!

When I was in elementary school, I had no idea what Ghana was. I probably didn't know where Africa was. ;) To me, travel wasn't something I, or my family, did. Not that it was a bad thing.

It wasn't until college that I made it a goal to see the world. And see the world I did! I truly believe that there is no education like that of globalization, and being able to experience other cultures, even if through internet, media, and pen pals, is such an enriching experience.

Because of this, I was really touched when Meg Bourne, head of the non-profit Art Feeds, which I've been devoting much of this week to (for good reason), dreamed up a remarkable activity for the students in her after school program.

Writing Letters to children in Ghana.
It's really a beautiful thing! The children had so much fun seeing images Meg took from her last trip there, and asked question after question after question about the children there. What I love most about it was that Meg and Marissa helped the children realize that the children in Ghana are more ALIKE US kids than DIFFERENT. Does that make sense? We're more alike than we are different. That's what I mean. :)

Because Meg is heading to Ghana soon, she had the kids make postcards to share with the children in Ghana. Here are a few images from the activity.

This girl has skills!

There are so many things this trio of volunteers could do if you could help them! For one, you could vote for them to win the pepsi grant. Second, you could donate to their cause! I am! I'm giving up to a thousand bucks of my hard earned money because I believe in what they're doing. I'd love for you to give too! Here's a link to donate: click here

Have you voted for Art Feeds today? I have!

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