Monday, October 18, 2010

Our House! Well, some of it.

Hey everybody!

Well, it's been a few months since moving into the new house and I get reminders too often that I haven't shared inside pics yet. Yes, yes, I know. Well, I wanted to get it all done and then show it - but I've quickly learned that it never gets done. It just gradually changes. :) So, here we go, I'm going to show you some pics I took a few weeks back - believe it or not, things have even changed a little since then, but that's okay.

Our living room - we have a super cool black chandelier that is getting ready to be put up. I'm not tall enough. ;) Also, Mere has recovered one of the chairs, but the other one is still in progress.
Our entryway. The day I took this, we didn't have a vase on the table, but there is usually one there. Whoops! My favorite thing about this is the Ben Sherman chair that I had to have. Love!

Here's our kitchen - Meredith picked out the robin egg blue for the kitchen, and recovered the bench-chairs, and painted the table. I bought stuff. ;) We have more storage in the kitchen than we had in our whole house before - haha!
The last room I'm showing today - the dining room. It has been painting and the chairs recovered by Mere and me. We got a new chandelier (you should have seen it before) and it totally makes the room.

My favorite room is my bedroom, but that'll be another post - still a couple things I have to finish.

Thanks for looking!!

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