Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shiloh and Jonathan's Arkansas Themed Wedding: Sweet Words

Hey everybody,

I lied!  Today is NOT portrait day.  Not after the sweet email I received from Shiloh and Jonathan on their way back from their honeymoon in Dubai.  My day was totally made, an dI feel ike I have to share the sweet words with you.

Before I do, let me get sappy.  Emails like this are THE reason I love my job so much.  Sure, I love photographing, but without our clients' happiness, it wouldn't be possible.  Meredith and I love... truly LOVE... our clients and work as hard as we can to make sure they are happy.  So, thank you, Shiloh and Jonathan for letting Meredith and me know that you appreciate us.  We appreciate you too!

And now, their email.  :)

Talk to you soon,


Dale & Meredith,
After 13 hour flight from Dubai to NYC we returned from our honeymoon
this evening, ordered dinner online via Seamless Web and I go into my
email to check for the dinner confirmation and I see two blog posts
from Benfield and decide to open them and I was blown away! Jonathan
and I are both SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!
We'd been checking our email and
stalking your blog from the Maldives and Sultante of Oman but didn't
really have time to check email in Dubai so we had no idea the last
two blog posts were our wedding--what a great way to come home!! The
photos are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Not only did you capture our
wedding perfectly-you also made it look like a dream come true!
Everything looks amazing and the inside of the barn looks like it is
Since 90% percent of our guests were visiting the Great State
of Arkansas for the first time I really wanted them to love my home
sweet Arkansas as much as I do and I can safely say all of our friends
had a wonderful time and fell in love with Fayetteville, Pratt Place
Barn, and the Razorbacks! We cannot wait to see the rest of the

It was a complete pleasure working with both of you. You are both so
incredibly sweet, professional, and naturally talented! You both have
a very special gift for capturing such special life moments exactly as
they happen. We are so fortunate we were able to work with you. Thank
you a million times over!!!

~~~(this next paragraph I took out a few things, but left some good info for brides out there)~~~
Ashley Tucker ( who created all of our
stationary and paper items [and] Jonathan's suit came from Lord Willy's.

Ah! We really can't wait to see more pictures! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warm regards,
Shiloh & Jonathan

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