Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Breaks My Heart...

***this post is for moms, dads, students, photographers, brides, grooms, everyone!***

Hey everybody!

Nothing is safe. I'm as paranoid as they come. So, when it comes to backing up images, I'm a bit of a PSYCHO. Here's why...

Twice this year, someone I know has had a computer hard drive crash - and believe it or not - one was even a Mac! In one case that person lost ALL the images of her kids growing up.


In the other case, the person bought an external hard drive - NO JOKE - two weeks before the crash and backed up her entire Image folder.


Because I understand the importance of photography, and because I deal with highly important images, I have developed a GREAT, near-flawless system for saving and backing up my digital files. I'm going to share that with you right now, and even if you're NOT a photographer, I suggest you do the same:

Step 1: After the shoot I immediately download the images from the card to my computer's hard drive. I do NOT erase the card!
Step 2: I make a backup on an external hard drive.
***notice at this point I have THREE copies of the images (card, computer, external).
Step 3: Photoshop if needed. If so, I back up the new images (I don't save over originals)
Step 4: Upload the entire folder to my Zenfolio account.
Step 5: Burn discs of the images. (At this point I can delete my cards, as this serves as my 4th copy of the image)

What is Zenfolio? It's a lot of things. For most, it's a great online storage solution. If you're a photog, it can also serve as your website, your shopping cart, your proofing galleries, and so on.

To me, it's important to have a backup that is online just in case something were to happen to your home (let's hope not! but you have to be safe). Zenfolio is a great affordable solution that I 100% recommend.

If you don't have a Zenfolio account, I think you get a discount if you use my referral code: 3NE-3SQ-TSZ

Please please please... back up your images. The small price you pay for online storage is WAY less than what you'll spend trying (not a very high success rate) to get your images off your failed hard drive.

Talk to you soon,

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