Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas Cards Are Here!!

Hey friends!

It's starting to get cooooold outside. Need something hot? Christmas Cards are what's hot! We've brought over two of our favorites from last year, and refreshed the line with some killer new ones! I've even included a letterpress option this year with your photos! Say whaaaat?!!

Exciting huh?

All cards come with envelopes included. And there is a bit of a price break if you buy in multiple quantities. Click the drop down menus for more info on that. After you purchase, you'll be able to indicate while image(s) to include, and what you want the text to say.

It's a pretty fun process!

Alright! Check out the designs below, and get your order in as soon as possible so you can be the coolest kids on the block!

(on the top three, the white isn't part of the card - they are cut in the shape of the card. Cool, huh?!)

Luxe Ornate

Luxe Scallop #1
Luxe Scallop #2 (text on back - also can be used as hanging tree ornament)

#sets of 25

#sets of 25

#sets of 25

Letterpress Bi-Fold Card (1 or 3 images)
Returning Champion #1 - Bi-Fold Card
Returning Champion #2 - Bi-Fold Card

#sets of 25

#sets of 25

#sets of 25

Here are bigger pics of each:


Returning Champ-1:

Returning Champ-2

And the ones that I added later, so everything is in one place!

Deluxe Tri-Fold Card - holds 6 images
(outside of the tri-fold)


#sets of 25

Luxe Ornate #2

#sets of 25

Luxe Scallop Frame Card

#sets of 25

Deluxe Bi-Fold Card - holds 7 images
(front of card)
(inside of card)

#sets of 25

Taking orders until November 26th - that's black Friday.

Talk to you soon,

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