Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Give Thanks, Get Thanks

Hey everybody!
I got the sweetest email this morning from a 2011 bride right after she saw her engagement photos (coming to the blog tomorrow). I particularly LOVE the part about her dad! Tear jerker!!


Dale & Meredith,
As ya'll could expect I was ELATED when I received the message and link from Meredith.... my hands shook with excitement and some anxiety (to be honest) when I clicked on the link and typed in my password. I KNEW I WOULD LOVE our engagement pictures but I never in my wildest dreams expected to love them as much as I do! So much so that I was completely overwhelmed with emotion and had tears streaming down my face by the time I got to the 4th picture. That's fine I get it I am an emotional person...but what I didn't expect was for my dad to be overcome with emotion. I don't know if my rock solid father cried because of how much he loved me or how happy he was that I loved my pictures but either way he shed a perfectly beautiful happy loving tear....THANK YOU for everything!!!!


Was that not the sweetest! Thanks for making MY day Shelly!!

Talk to you soon,

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