Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Office!

Hey friends!

We're following up our house post a couple weeks ago with pictures from our office. I love my office, which is good because I spend 1/2 my life in here. ;)

Some of the things are new (of course, we just moved in not too long ago, so I guess that's expected), so I wanna share some of my favorite things about my office. First off, we'll set the scene.

The frame collage excites me. I picked the colors of paint, grabbed some frames at TJMaxx, and went to town! The writing board and lamps I got from Riffraff from my good friend Kirsten. You should definitely check out her store - TO.DIE.FOR.
The table was from I.O.Metro.

Let's see another angle...
That image has my curtain which is actually a photo backdrop that I use anytime I do a shoot at the house. It's from Drop It Modern, definitely the coolest backdrops out there for photographers. If you're a photog and haven't heard of Drop It Modern, 1) where the crap have you been? and 2) check them out right now! Next, that rug is from Target. I wanted something that was stylin and colorful without being crazy expensive. Above the desks are gallery wraps and a metal print from MpixPro.

Here's another picture...
My albums that you see are from Miller's (most of them anyway). Don't even get me started on Miller's awesomeness. On the right is the chair that a recent bride gave me, and it's sitting underneath a BIG ol' magnetic dry erase board(also from Riffraff). I have high hopes for this, but I just got it so it's still blank.

Lastly, here are some things I just LOOOOOOOVE about my office.
1) I love lamp. :) So much that I bought two of them. Thanks Kirsten!
2) These iPhone magnets are super cool. You know I love all things Apple! By the way, can you count all the Apple products in this blog post? I think there are at least 10.
3) Look ma, no wires! I have two wireless keyboards, a trackpad, and a magic mouse. I hate cords with a passion.
4) Ahhhhh... silence. My Bose headphones block out sound completely and let me get in the ZONE. Or, if I wanna listen to my own thing instead of whatever Mere is listening to across from me, I just toss these on. I also bring these with me on all my trips for the airplane.
5) My hoodman card has a the reputation for having a ZERO fail rate in the field. I love quality and security! These pups are crazy expensive, but totally worth it when you're a wedding photographer.
6) Sure the iPad is cool. But what I love in this is the stylus I purchased for it. I can sign pdfs and send them on their way, or sketch ideas (I love the iPad app, Adobe Ideas, for this).

Well, there you have it!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. Do YOU have a cool office? If so, I wanna see! Leave a comment with a link to pics!

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