Friday, November 5, 2010

The Proposal: One Year Later

Hey everybody!

"I take no pride in my deception." A year ago I pulled off the mother-of-all-surprises: proposing to Meredith without her having the slightest idea. I'd do it all over again, even put up with the 36 hours of nausea leading up to the proposal. Oh, how I love her.


How did I have time to go buy a ring?
How did I have time to talk to her dad?
How did I hide the ring?
How did I make it clear to everyone to keep their mouths SHUT?
How did Mere have NO idea?

Find all your answers, and lots of pictures, in our proposal blog post.

This below, is my FAVORITE reason for having a blog: it remembers, when I cannot. I read my conversation with Ellie after I proposed again this morning, and teared up all over again.

(from the blog post last year)
We talked about what it meant for Meredith to have a ring - I asked her "Do you know what's going on?" as I pulled her aside to give her the present. She said, "you gave her a wedding ring." I said, "Kinda, it's an engagement ring, which means we are going to get married!" And then, I didn't know what to expect. You see, Ellie has always SERIOUSLY wanted to marry me. She tells me all the time. She said something that totally surprised me:

"That makes me happy."

Me too, sweet baby girl.

Happy Anniversary To Us!

P.S. Tonight I'm taking Meredith back to Bordino's for what I hope becomes a tradition. If you're around, stop and say hi! :)

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