Friday, December 3, 2010

Elizabeth's BANGS

Hey everybody!

I feel silly writing a blogpost about this. I mean, with all the cool things I have to put on the blog (there's still a queue of about 15 waiting in the wings, is this really worthy?

And I have similar feelings every time I do a personal/Ellie blog. Is that wrong? I've never really asked y'all what you think about it.

Well, today's post is a heart melter, if you ask me. Recently, I talked my darling girl in to getting bangs (honestly, it didn't take too much convincing). With anything in her life, just throw in a Hannah Montana... or a Taylor Swift... and she's immediately on board. So, welcome to the bangs club, sweet Elizabeth! I think she looks presh, but then again, I'm biased on these sort of things.

Judge for yourself: (iPhone pic)

Thanks to my super talented hairstylist sister, Leanne, who straight-razored Elizabeth to perfection.

Back on track tomorrow, and I have some EXCITING NEWS!!

Talk to you soon,

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