Friday, December 10, 2010

Going the Extra Mile...

Hey everybody,

If you're one of our brides, you know that we don't force you to see one another before the wedding. That being said, we do LOVE it when we have lovely light for your images (remember that sunset time post I did a while back?). Every now and then, however, we have a wedding where a night shoot is inevitable.

That was the case with Stacey and Brandon.

We weren't scared though. While we prefer to shoot with the setting sun or abundant light, it stretched our brains creatively to have a purely in-the-dark photo shoot. In addition to doing a personal photo project while I was in college similar to the concepts used in this shot, part of the inspiration was from Jeff Newsom, a great photographer, and friend of OUR wedding photographer.

The following shot was created by FIVE people. Yes, FIVE. Obviously, the couple, Stacey and Brandon rocking out the pose. Then I was the brains behind the camera settings. Lastly, Meredith and Lauren created the ONE-OF-A-KIND, UNREPEATABLE light show in the frame. The shot took some practice to get it exactly perfect. Knowing this ahead of time, Meredith, Lauren, Ellie, and I did a practice shoot (also at the Pratt Place, the location for Stacey and Brandon's wedding reception).

Our extra effort paid off!

Here's our finished masterpiece. It's a one-of-a-kind shot, a special creation for Stacey and Brandon.

Without further adieu...

More from this wedding tomorrow.

Talk to you soon,

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