Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guess Who We Saw Today!

Hey friends!

Today was such a fun family day! Miss Elizabeth and I spent some time out buying Christmas presents. While at the mall, we had this conversation...

E: I bet Santa is here.
D: Does he like to hang out at malls?
E: Well, around Christmas time he does.
D: Do you want to see him?
E: Yes.
D: What are you going to tell him you want?
E: Marisol, the American Girl Doll.

{yes, I know that Marisol is the retired girl-of-the-year doll from 2005}
{yes, she'll be getting one}

Santa at the Fayetteville mall is really great. It's a thankless, endless job that seems a lot like punishment, but he does really well (from what I've seen).

Merry Christmas!

Talk to you soon,

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