Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Year's Resolutions: How'd I do???

Hey everybody!

Today completes the 2nd full year of blogging every single day! Yay! That was part of one of my 2010 resolutions, so I thought I'd see how I did on the rest of my resolutions, which I posted in this blog post.

#1: Lose weight. I wanted to get back to weighing 160 (from 185), which I've now done! I currently weigh 158. I hope to share my diet with you soon!

#2: I want to get super great at cooking! Done!! I've been cooking every night and my recipes are getting more and more advanced! I've also prepared TWO cooking blog posts to put on here of some of my favorite things.

#3: Get published in a national magazine. Done!! We were recently published in Eco Beautiful Weddings, a national wedding magazine that tailors to Eco chic brides.
We were also featured in some pretty cool local/regional magazines again in 2010.
Citiscapes double feature

And then the cool double feature in Arkansas Bride:

#4: Put on another workshop for moms. Done!! We sold out TWO more workshops for moms, as well as the Italy workshop for professional photographers. YESSSSS!!!

#5: Blog a few more personal things instead of all work. Done!! From first day of school to birthday party to the letter to my brother, I've definitely been showing my true colors on here.
One of my favorite personal posts
And one about Mere

#6: Start a wedding planning blog for guys. NOT done. I bought the domain, but then I decided I would just put up some things on this blog that could help. I still think it's a good idea, but I lost steam on this project.

#7: Be a better friend to my friends. Done! I've reconnected with my lifelong best friend Tom, made a new best friend (hi Nic!) as well as made lots of new photographer friends.

#8: Go even more above and beyond for my wonderful clients. Done!! In addition to the Benny Awards, we've been doing lots of secret things for our clients. I think they love us! :)

#9: Double the amount of charity I gave this year. Done!! This was one of the hardest to do, because it's not like we doubled our income, and we bought a house. However, we were able to do it! No need to disclose the amount, but I'm happy to say that we succeeded in giving back this year!
Here are a couple of the charities: River To Well, Art Feeds, and f/stop breast cancer.

#10: Blog for 500 straight days. Done! Here's the proof. I'm actually on day 730!!!
I also made it to my 1000th blog post!

So, how'd I do? 9 out of 10!!!! That's an "A" in my book! I've been really blessed and have had a great year. But my secret to keeping resolutions is that I view it more as a promise to myself. I feel like I can't break a promise to myself because then I might break a promise to someone else. I can't be that person!

Here are a couple things I couldn't have even predicted that happened in 2010:
I was on the Morning Show!
I was a featured speaker at WPPI!
I won some cool contests and stuff, this one being one of my faves.

I'm in the process of making my 2011 goals/resolutions, so I'll be posting them soon (along with my wedding diet). :)

What are your resolutions?

Talk to you soon,

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