Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time For A Refresh!

Hey everybody!

I launched my first website in 2001. Man, that was a long time ago! Since then I think I've undergone a major update every 18 months or so. Today is that day!

There are many reasons for making changes to your website. My reasons for updating this time...
1) My website wasn't iPad ready. Since I'm on Apple products all day, every day, I figured I might as well be able to see my website. :)
2) My website wasn't SEO searchable. Because I used flash, there was a major drawback with google indexing. I couldn't have that!
3) I'm getting everything coordinated. My blog always looked a little bit different than my website, and it always bugged me. So, I spent some time making sure everything is coordinated. I love to match.

Now for the unveiling!

Though the blog hasn't taken a break, I've had a couple weeks where I've spent day and night teaching myself Dreamweaver, Adobe's program that allows me to design and create websites. I knew Dreamweaver years and years ago, and of course everything changed, so I had to relearn so many things. However, I wholeheartedly feel that investing in oneself is always a great idea. So, this site is my new little baby! I love it for many reasons, and hope you do too!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. There is no need to update any bookmarks or anything. You can get to the website from www.benfieldphotography.com or www.benfieldphotography.net or www.benfieldphoto.com :)

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