Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 of 2010!

Hey friends!

I did the impossible: I narrowed down 363 blog posts to my favorite 10! I couldn't narrow down the weddings and engagements - that would be impossible with all our fabulous weddings and fun couples (it's like saying you have a favorite child), but I did put a couple of my favorite projects below. Besides, the Benny Awards voting goes live in a couple days and that's what that is for. So, here we go! Here are my top 10 of 2010...

#10... I shot the COOLEST wedding in New York City. Okay, so I know I said this wasn't going to be full of weddings and engagements, but I couldn't not put this in here, so I put it as #10. :) Forgive me.
Here's a blog post about it.

#9... I was IN a wedding! Of course, I still had to photograph the wedding. ;)

#8... Ellie's Anthropologie sessions here and here. How about a sneak peek:

#7... My brother went for a job and didn't get it. Upset, I wrote him this letter.

#6... Meredith and I went to Italy! We had to plan our wedding, so of course we had to take a trip over there. ;) Here's a post about it, and another.

#5... Ellie rocks at photographing her own portrait sessions. Ellie accompanied me to a kiddo portrait session and totally rocked it out.

#4... The infamous RAIN session.

#3... We announced OUR wedding photographer! My good friend Becker from Cali is coming to Italy with us to capture us at the Four Seasons in Florence as we say I do!

#2... Elizabeth started kindergarten! Read all about it!

#1... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Our favorite realtor Holly Ramage rocked for us and got us a KILLER deal on a FABULOUS house that we ab-so-lute-ly LOOOOOOOVE! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful place for my family.
Here's another blog post, and another, and another

Meredith and I (and Ellie) would like to thank you fabulous blog readers for all your support and love this year. We've been so encouraged by your comments and feedback. Here's to a really great 2011!

Talk to you soon,

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