Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ellie's 1st Ice Skating Adventure

Hey everybody!

First off, Blogger is down; but you can't keep me from blogging! I'm on the ol' trusty iPad using BlogPress, which doesn't get good reviews from me because of the lack of photo functionality. Unfortunately, I can't post today's images so I typed out the urls for you to copy and paste - I'll fix it once Blogger is back up.

On with the post...

For New Years Eve, Mere, Ellie, and I went to Tulsa for some fun family time including a fancy dinner (loved the Polo Grill) and a first for Ellie: ice skating!! She was PUMPED!! We laced up our ugly ol' skates and with shaky ankles, walked onto the ice. If you looked from afar, you'd think Ellie and I were conjoined twins bc she insisted that I hold her. She did, with some time, muster courage enough to try it on her own. It was super fun!

We brought the big lens, a 200mm 1.8 (photogs, commence lusting!!) and Meredith knocked out some great shots from very far away of our experience in the ice. You won't see and triple lutzes or crazy spinning or anything, but you will see a happy 6-year-old girl and her even happier dad.

Here's to family time!
Talk to you soon,

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