Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm on CNBC! Photo Ignite Speakers Announced

Hey everybody!

I've got some really great news! I'm one of 17 national photographers selected for Photographers Ignite, a super-unique presentation taking place at WPPI this year. I didn't really want to enter (Becker made me do it), but now that I've been selected, and I see all the great names I get to share the stage with (including Jasmine Star, Becker, and the Boudoir Divas), I'm getting really excited about it.

To add to my excitement, my email has blown up with websites that are doing stories on this, the latest is on the CNBC website. Cah-ray-zee!!!

I can't really share much about my presentation right now, but hopefully after the fact I'll be able to post a video (that is, if I'm not a complete train wreck - haha!)


Talk to you soon,


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