Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 1st Recipe Blogpost! Champagne Brie Soup = Yummy!

Hey everybody!

One of my NY resolutions last year was to be a better cook. I've been cooking pretty much every night (except for when we have client meetings or are on the road), and my skills are getting better and better. :)

For Christmas Eve, Meredith's mom made this AMAZING champagne brie soup that I went BONKERS over. Seriously, I was like standing in front of it, filling and refilling my bowl, and trying to hide the pot from anybody who walked by for fear that they might try to get their own refill.

That very same night, after Christmas Eve service, I begged her to share the recipe. She of course did, and we made another batch at around 12:05am Christmas morning.

So, I thought that I'd share the recipe, with her permission of course, with all my favorite people: you! Below, I have a slideshow of me making it, and then under that I have the written directions. I took a couple liberties with the recipe (added more cheese b/c I'm crazy about cheese - haha!) Feel free to pause, go back, skip ahead, start over...

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Mimi's Champagne Brie Soup
2 cups dry champagne
1 cup white wine
1 Tbsp. finely minced shallots (if shallots aren’t available, use 3 green onions)
2 cups chicken bouillon
3 oz. brie with rind left on
1 cup grated ‘aged’ cheddar
1 ½ quart heavy cream
Sea salt

In a stock pot, simmer shallots in small amount of the white wine.
Add bouillion broth, remaining white wine, and champagne.
Add brie and cream.

Slowly stir and bring to a boil...just until head forms. Remove from heat.
Add cheddar and stir slowly unto it melts in.

Strain. Salt to taste. Serves 6.

This is not a thick soup, so I serve it in cups.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Talk to you soon,

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