Monday, January 3, 2011

Our 2011 Goals - Wish Me Luck!

Hey everybody!

I'm a FIRM believer that if you have goals, you need to write them down. Three years ago, I did this for the first time, and I was AMAZED at how everything on my piece of paper came to life. Seriously amazed. I've done this each year since and have had similar results each year.

Tonight, Meredith and I went to dinner with our nerdy clipboards and after dinner and some chatting, we began our annual ritual. These are the goals by which I'm going to grade myself at the end of the year:

1) Read 3000 pages. this is somewhere around 10 books, which is a little bit more than I did this year.
2) Write 300 pages. yep! I wanna write two books this year for photographers; I already have the outlines written, but I want to actually get this done this year. No more slacking on this project.
3) Be more efficient in business. This probably doesn't mean much to you, but to Meredith and me it does. ;)
4) Book 30 weddings. Okay, we're already almost there.
5) Cook my way through a cookbook. More of a personal goal, but nonetheless.
6) Blog every day of 2011. Isn't it funny that this doesn't seem like a big deal? But it IS!! And SO many days I don't wanna do it, but I'm so glad I did afterword.
7) Be published on 3 national wedding blogs.
8) Go to a country I've never been to.
9) Go to a state I've never been to.
10) Stay under 170 lbs.

Extra credit: cry with happiness at least twice.

Wish me luck!

Talk to you soon,

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