Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There In A Pinch. (my birthday post!)

Hey everybody!

Today is my birthday! My buddy Nic did a sweet little blog post about this one time (at band camp) that I stepped up in a crazy situation and helped him out shooting video for a client. He also posted this video of my footage (if you get this in your email, go to the blog right now and check it out)

I thought I'd take a sec to talk about the importance of relationships and backup plans. If you're a photographer, or even if you're not, read this.

In life, we're here to connect with people. We're here to form relationships. I've been lucky in finding one of my very best friends on the planet, Nic, through being a wedding vendor. What's great about our friendship is that we have the same schedule! Anyway, I digress...

One day last March he contacted me on a rare off-Saturday wish some solemn news: Lori had been in a car accident on the way to the wedding ceremony she was supposed to video with him. I immediately asked him what I need to do and he asked if I could fill her shoes.

Without pause, Ellie and I grabbed all the camera gear and hopped in the car. She sat in the back with (another great vendor friend) Amy Hannon, who was also friends with the bride while I helped to video the wedding.
After the ceremony we all had a quick pow-wow and I volunteered to video the reception so Nic could be with his wife. After coaxing from the gang (Nic was dedicated to the bride and the job-at-hand) he decided to go be with his wife at the hospital. I shot the reception and the result, though not as good as Nic could do, was a success.

It got me thinking... do YOU have people in your life that you can count on at the drop of a hat? Do you have someone who can step in for you when life demands it? My hope is that, whatever your job is or whatever your situation is, you do. If not, get your booty in gear and start forming real connections with people.

Talk to you soon,


  1. Very thoughtful post! Such a great challenge for anyone. You are very blessed to have great friends.

  2. Great post D$, but I think you missed the point of the video...The point is that I am a fantastic editor and no matter how bad the footage is- I can make something glorious out of it! Ahh, ha ha ha!!!
    Thanks for your help broseph!

  3. Father of the Bride says:

    Thanks for stepping in and helping make this an unforgettable event for our family.


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