Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Vegas Fun!

Hey everybody!

Today was the last day of WPPI.

But also the BEST!!

Today I spoke in front of the biggest group I've ever done! I lost count after a thousand, but it was a ginormous group!

I'll get to post a video of my talk once it is released, but a couple photogs tweeter images of me during the presentation so I'm posting those. They're iPhone pics, so don't judge. ;)

I had SUCH a great time speaking, and it all went pretty well from what I can remember. It was definitely a unique experience... I'll share more about that later.

By the way, the photos below are in b/w, which makes it look like I was wearing the same thing... I assure you it's a red hoodie, and a different shirt+tie. :)

And then today, I started getting tagged on Facebook, so I thought I should share some images from the [b]school party photo booth.

With some of my Canada friends (I met a ton of Canadians!)

And Becker and me with my London friend Sachin. Let's make silly faces... That won't be embarrassing later. ;)

And then my photo besties!!!!

Can't wait to share more with you!

Talk to you soon,

- Post From My iPad

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