Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Slim-bucks" aka, My Wedding Diet

Hey everybody!

As I step onto the scale this morning, it reaches a new low, 158.4 lbs. I started my "diet" at 185, and told myself, "let's switch these last two numbers."

So, my goal has been reached. To tell a secret, it has been reached since December 27 (yep, AFTER the holidays) and as of this writing I've maintained my magical number.

It seems every time I posted anything about weight loss on twitter/facebook, I received handfuls of comments asking what my diet was. "Look to my blog" was my reply, and today is that day.

It takes three main things to succeed on my diet:
#1: I can't have fried food. Meredith and I haven't eaten anything deep-fried since May 2010! It has been easier than we thought, except for a particular wedding reception catered by Catfish Hole (ooooh, that was a TOUGH day!)
#2: Goodbye Dr. Pepper; Hello Starbucks. If I could swim and bathe in Dr. Pepper, I would. I love it, but I haven't had it since late August. Instead, I have an Iced Chai from Starbucks. It's got milk in it, so that's good. The Chai gives me the little pep I need (that I'd get from the Dr.). If I'm not near a Starbucks, I take in a can of RedBull in the morning to get me going. Other than that, it's h20 or G2 Gatorade.
#3: the "Slim-bucks" diet. Remember Slimfast? It's still around, but they used to have these commercials... "A shake in the morning, one in the afternoon, and a reasonable dinner." Well, that's what I've been doing, only with my beloved Iced Chai! One in the morning (or Redbull), one in the afternoon, and then I reward myself with a yummy dinner of whatever I want, just not fried. And... just not a TON of it.

A couple things about this diet. First, I'm not a dietitian, and I suggest you talk to someone who knows before embarking on this diet. My brother, a personal trainer and certified fitness expert, thinks I'm nuts for going on this diet and forced me to take a multivitamin (which I do). Vitamins are good.
Second, you don't have to fall out of love with food, and believe me, I loooooooove food. You just have to be rational about how much you take in. If you eat less calories than your body burns, you lose weight. That's the whole thing of it. The problem comes when your metabolism slows down (and it will on this diet) because then you have to eat less. The cool thing is, two pizza slices fill you up instead of six after two months of doing this.
Because your metabolism slows down, you can't just keep doing the same thing forever and it continue to work. Fortunately there are two main things you can work on to go lower: break up your calories throughout the day instead of all during dinner. Or, of course, exercise. Exercise burns calories and boosts metabolism. It also builds muscle (which adds lbs, but the good kind).

Finally, let me just say that for all the haters out there who want to rip me a new one by this not-so-healthy diet, did you read the story about the KSU Professor who lost a bunch of weight on the twinkie diet? He had little snacks throughout the day (like my Iced Chai) and lost weight.

Hey, do you think Starbucks would sponsor me like Subway did Jared?

Talk to you soon,

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