Thursday, March 10, 2011

100 Hours in Ghana: part 1

Hey everybody! Today is my 800th straight day of blogging! Yeah 8HUNDRED!

It's a great day to start blogging the actual images from Ghana. I had such an amazing time. Short, yes... but amazing.

So, I'm calling this "100 hours in Ghana."
(look, I made a picture!) :)
Here was my lovely entourage. The Art Feeds kids, packed like sardines in the back of a cab. (I use the word "cab" loosely)
First off, let me just say that Africa is really beautiful. Nobody tells you it's going to look like this...

One of my very favorite images, here's Meg with the sweetest little boy ever (sorry, I'm not allowed to share names). What I love about him is the story Meg told me about the first time he heard anything (he's deaf) was the low bass notes in her ipod speakers. Can you imagine hearing something... anything... for the first time?

Art Feeds partners with a school in Ghana where kids the Village of Hope kids have been rescued from slavery and terrible, terrible things. They give therapy to these children through all forms of art. A lot of the shots I got were of the children interacting with our Art Feeds superheroes.

This girl felt so beautiful with her tissue paper flowers. I love this look on her face.

And the whole class showing off their projects. Lots of color here!

The kids were SO happy and full of life! You just wanted to hug them and squeeze them, especially when you think about what some of them had gone through.

Here's the lovely and talented Brooke, who we'll see dancing later, with some of the kiddos. They were really affectionate, which surprised me, and were always loving on us.

It was difficult for me to remember to actually take pictures with me in them. I did some each day, though. Here's a cute one.

I wanna share more tomorrow, so check back!

Talk to you soon,

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