Saturday, March 12, 2011

100 Hours in Ghana: Part 3 of 3

Hey everybody! Today is my 802nd straight day of posting a blog!

Today I'm wrapping up my 100 hours in Ghana. It was far too short a time to spend in Africa, but plenty of time to build relationships with the amazing children at the Village of Hope.

I got to come over to where they live and spend time with them outside of the classroom.

And anytime I was at the school, I was surrounded by their wonderful smiling faces. To know them was to instantly fall in love with them.

Art Feeds worked with them on so many fun and creative projects. It was so enriching to see their creativity being developed right in front of my eyes.

And to see them sharing and building into each other. Isn't this such a great moment?!

They were so thirsty for means of expression. They ATE UP every syllable Meg, Marissa, Brooke, and Kate were speaking.

So, there you have it. My favorite images from Ghana. Looking back, I'm glad I took some of me with the kids. They really made the trip speacial. Lastly I want to thank Meg and all of Art Feeds for 1) inviting me, 2) not thinking I was crazy when I accepted, and 3) accepting me into their silly and talented group.

I'm in LOVE with what they're doing. They are so gifted with reaching young kids and have an incredible mission. If you want to help them on their important journey, visit the Art Feeds website and I encourage you to give!

Thanks for looking!

I'd love to hear what you think!

Talk to you soon

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