Sunday, March 13, 2011

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Craft in Dallas

Hey everybody! Today is my 803rd straight day of blogging.

Food Network has a show called, "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" where popular chefs and cooking experts discuss their favorite meals. I like the show because I sometimes think that I'm going to hit up one of those restaurants when we're out traveling and I'm going to get that meal. Hasn't happened yet, but I'm not counting it out. :)

One thing it never mentions, however, is how much SERVICE is involved in a great meal. To me it is EQUALLY important. If I were to grade a restaurant, I'd have to give up to 50 points for food and presentation and 50 points for ambiance and service. Friday night, I ate at a restaurant that would have like received 100 out of 100 points: Craft in Dallas (located at the W Hotel). The owner of the restaurant is Tom Collichio, so that makes it cool already.

When I sat down at a table for one (Meredith had to stay in Fayetteville for this short, 36 hour trip), I asked about specials on the menu. My server answered, "Everything is special on the menu. We change it every day." The only thing I knew I wanted was the Wagyu beef skirt steak and a red wine. Everything else, I told him, he could pick. "Anything off limits?" he asked. "No, I answered."

Here's what came:
1) a shot of the ambiance
2) my amuse bouche: white bean soup
3) my appetizer: yellowfin tuna confit
4-6) my main course: wagyu beef. For the sides, he gave me two half orders: brussel sprouts (love!) and yukon gold puree
7) my pre-dessert: lemon coconut parfait (this and the amuse bouche weren't even on the menu!)
8) my dessert: dark chocolate terrine, toasted poundcake, citrus marmalade and chocolate hazelnut ice cream - yummmm!!!!
Then, they brought me out something else, which I gobbled up and forgot what they called it (sorry!)
And THEN, they brought me a bag of granola to take with me.

Just like anything that happens to me in life, I overanalyze and try to "take something" from it. In this case, I compared my meal to my business. Many times, we're able to deliver super service to our clients. Give things that aren't on the menu, and go all out to make sure they have a unique and memorable experience. If you own a business, I feel it should be a goal of yours to make each of your clients want to rave about you to all their friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.

Talk to you soon,

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