Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Italy Touristy Pics!

Hey everybody!

I've been going through our non-wedding images from our European tour and I wanted to share a few with you. Yay for family time!!!

First off, Ellie would DIIIIIIIEEEEEEE if she knew I put this first picture on here - it's too dang cute, though, so I just have to. You'll first need to know that she's in the boys-are-gross phase BIG time, and then look at what's behind her... hahahaha!!!

Here we are outside the Duomo in downtown Florence...

When we got back to the US, and when Ellie went back to school, she got to give a little presentation to her fellow kindergartners about all her pictures - I was so proud that she remembered the name of Ponte Vecchio! Ah, love that girl!

Then we found Tusk, our favorite Razorback...

Okay, you HAVE to come back tomorrow to see a little photoshoot we did IN PARIS!!!

Talk to you soon,

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