Monday, April 25, 2011

My heart thumps for these: drop it MODERN backdrops

Before your scroll down... make sure you're not a work! Secret Sessions are returning to the Benfield Blog so we can show you a little something something we loooooove...

Hey everybody!

Many many moons ago, I had a studio. Blugh. I hated the studio because there were no cool backgrounds out there. Same ol' yuckness (it's a word... I swear).

Then something cool happened: I found drop it MODERN! Yaya! We've been using these backgrounds for secret sessions, headshots, the Benny Booth (see some fun pics here!), and kiddo pics. Since headshots are boring, I putting up some secret session shots from Meredith below (isn't my wife super talented????)...
(Mere shot these on two different dropitMODERN backdrops: peacock and seahorse)

Seriously, we looooove drop it MODERN - if you're a photographer, look at 'em. The quality is RIDUNK, and so are their backdrop stands! Light up your creativity with their drops!

Talk to you soon,

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