Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clothes for Chloe, 9-yr-old tornado victim

Hey everybody!

Remember this girl? This is Chloe, the coolest 9-year-old girl on the planet.

Her house was hit by the Joplin tornado. Chloe, her dad, and her mom ran into the bathroom, hopped into the bathtub, and Tom pulled a mattress on top of them as the tornado passed through their house and neighborhood. Here is what their house looks like now.

They lost their all their belongings, including their wedding album (see their wedding here) that we delivered and all their images on CD. Fortunately, I can make them another disc. I will also be having their wedding album re-made for them (they of course will not have to pay anything).

Unfortunately, Chloe's parents aren't able to work because of the tornado (Tom was a full-time sub teacher for Joplin R-VIII, and Emily is a nurse - however, because of the hospital situation in Joplin, they told her it would be weeks, if ever, that they'd be able to use her). It's just awful!

So, I'm reaching out to you! Lots of people all over the US and world read this, and I'd love for you to help! If you want to make a donation to this family, clothes for Chloe, or money or whatever, contact me ( and I'll arrange it.

This is just one of many, many stories from Joplin. Some are quite worse. Tom, Emily, and Chloe (who told me her pets hopped into the tub with them - no joke!) are thankful they have each other after such a devastating storm.

Stay Strong,

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