Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Different Perspective: Our Wedding

Hey everybody!

Did you know we had 11 photographers at our wedding? If you didn't, you should read all about how we hosted a workshop for photographers. Anyway... one of the coolest parts of having a wedding workshop of your own wedding is that you get to see the same event from multiple perspectives. Today I wanna share one of those perspectives with you.

Terry McKaig is a tremendous photographer and a super personable friend. I was happy to meet her and spend time with her, and I loved her style and the images she captured. Here are some of the highlights from the gobs of images she sent Meredith and me (thanks again, Terry!! We appreciate you!!)

Talk to you soon,


  1. Beautiful doesn't begin to do these pictures justice!!! I especially love the one of you both in the steps! Amazing!!!!!



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