Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ellie's Dance Recital (Rehearsal)

Hey everybody!

She didn't fall! :) Tonight at 6:30pm at Taylor Auditorium, Ellie is performing her latest dance routine. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it (they don't ask me if I have a wedding when they schedule these things), so I made sure to attend her dress rehearsal Wednesday night.

Ellie did really great. I noticed she kept looking over at the other girls to make sure she was on rhythm (or maybe to make sure they were... but I doubt that) - I remember uncertainty as a child... do you? I don't know what it is that happens to make a person just step up and own it, but I was a ball of nerves until high school. I pray Ellie finds her comfort much sooner. Anyway, I digress... check out her latest performance. I, as any pro photog dad would surely do, shot both still and video. Haha!

Isn't she beautiful???!!

And here we go with the video... (she's on the far right at the beginning...)

Talk to you soon,

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