Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Momma's Day!

Hey everybody!

No need to read today's post, unless you're my momma, or if you just really want to.

Hi Momma!  Just thought I'd publicly tell you how much I appreciate you.  It was no easy task dealing with Steven and me, especially in the early years, and you handled the task of keeping us from murdering each other with cunning and grace. Your approach to mommy-dom was perfect for me and I respect you for how you raised me.  You shaped a lot of the person I am today (kudos to you, because I think I'm awesome...haha!) and I learned such valuable life lessons from you. I get my self-confidence from you.

I hope you have the greatest day today - even though I'm in Little Rock working today, I wish I could hang with ya.

Dale (Jr.)

P.S. Thanks for enrolling me in baseball.  And piano lessons.

My momma and me at Mere's and my wedding reception:

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