Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joplin Disaster Relief: How can YOU help?

Hey everybody!

The most-asked question I've been getting is: "How can I help?
I've provided a few different options for those who are willing to give:
Cross Church has a disaster relief page and are making daily trips to Joplin (drop-offs at all three locations). You can donate certain items (go to the page to see what's most important), or you can help volunteer in the cleanup. Ellie and I dropped off a load last night and today went and filled up our car again. We're heading to Joplin tomorrow to help and see our families there.
*** in a related story, my mom and I talked today and members of "my" church, Cross Church, was cleaning tree trunks and branches and what-not out of their yard. "It's so amazing and such a blessing," she said. I'm so proud of my church!

Fellowship Bible Church in Springdale is doing the same. If it's more convenient for you to help through FBC, see their disaster relief page.

Also, Tide Loads of Hope and Duracell Truck will be open to the public beginning Thurs. at the Walmart on 7th St in Joplin MO. The Duracell truck has power stations that enable people to charge devices and use PC's to communicate to their families they are safe (7am-7pm). Tide Loads of Hope is a mobile laundromat that washes 300 loads a day! Please share this with anyone that may need this.

Also, give blood if you're able. My grandma died because she lost too much blood and the hospital had no more for her. Contact your local Red Cross if you want to contribute.

***Updated to add:
End Update***

Most importantly of all, you can pray. It takes no money, no physical requirements, and has a ton of impact.

Tomorrow we'll be back to regular blog posts, but if you have any other questions or comments feel free to send me a message through email or in the comments below.

Hugs all around,

P.S. Here are some images that my college photojournalism teacher, Mike Gullett, took and have run all over the world:

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