Monday, May 2, 2011

The NEW Collage, and OUR Wedding Details

**if you've been wanting to see lots of OUR wedding images, this is YOUR WEEK!! Monday-Friday will each have it's own post about our wedding!**

Hey everybody!

Efficiency = love. Dale = dork. I'm trying to work smarter and when I dreamed up a new way to do my wedding collages I had to give it a shot. There are two improvements you'll notice:
1) you can hover over the image for a description (yaya!) - this should cut down on some of the text in the blog posts
2) you can click on the image to make it bigger in your browser
I think both of these will be welcome changes because it requires no more work out of you (just me), and you can see pictures bigger if you want!

Don't you just LOVE how NERDY I am????

Anyway, I thought I'd start by giving some details from Meredith and my wedding in Florence Italy last month at the Four Seasons. These images were all taken by our wedding photographer, and close personal friend, Becker.

Talk to you soon,

Come back tomorrow for more wedding yumminess!

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