Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rebuilding Joplin (with a little help from my friends)

Hey everybody!

Meredith and I headed back to our hometown today and delivered another load of groceries and clothes. When we arrived, I became instantly inspired by all the help I saw. Organizations from all around the region were here cleaning, delivering food and water, rebuilding structures, etc.

I'm so proud to be from Joplin; it was such a great place to grow up, and it shaped who I am today. The community has come together in an inspiring way, and it warms my heart and chokes me up at the same time.

Instead of all the dark and depressing images you've seen everywhere, I thought I'd share life and hope that is spreading throughout the city.

This first shot doesn't look all "full of hope" and what-not, but when I tell you that it was Ellie's grandma's house that she was in the process of moving out of, and therefore saved (sure, all her clothes and groceries were lost - but those were replaceable), and when you notice the "OK" spray-painted on the wall, there is such a sense of thankfulness that swells up inside...
(by the way, this is an HDR shot of Ellie's grandma's house)
Ellie's Nana's house

I spoke with the owner of this house, who was as upbeat as could be that his life was spared. He even cracked a joke as we left his house. What drew me to this house was the sign, of course.
Joplin Tornado Destruction Panoramic

A group from Team Rubicon cleans up debris near the heart of the disaster...
Joplin Tornado Destruction help - team rubicon

A Joplin Group, Access Family Care, spread hope by passing out cleaning supplies and water, door-to-door...
Joplin Tornado Destruction help

It was apparent that God was everywhere...
Joplin Tornado Destruction help

Touching moment of a group praying in the midst of the tornado aftermath...
Joplin Tornado Destruction help

Even though there is much hope, there is still so much devastation. Here is the iconic hospital that was destroyed in the tornado...
Joplin Tornado Destruction help

And here is a huge panoramic I created - click on it for a full view - very large...
Joplin Tornado Destruction help

But despite the destruction, the people of Joplin are very thankful that the community has come together to rebuild, and thankful for the help of the surrounding communities.

Joplin Tornado Destruction help

Talk to you soon,


  1. Wow these pictures really tug at your heartstrings. Check out the American flag behind the lady in the 4th picture.... I love that everyone is full of hope and coming together to help rebuild this community. Just incredible.

  2. Dale, thanks for sharing these. We are praying for everyone there.


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