Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 Favorite Moments from Lauren's Mountain Home Wedding

Hey everybody!

When I started this post, I had 25 different images prepared for the blog. Lauren and Ryan's wedding was not only super special, but because Meredith and I adore them so much it was truly like we shared their day with them... which makes it super hard for me to narrow down the images!

So I decided to do something a little different. I want to share my 5 favorite moments with you from her Mountain Home Wedding at Big Creek Country Club.

#1: Daddy/Daughter time...
Bride and father sharing a special moment before heading down the aisle

#2: Lauren and Ryan's emotional first sight... very touching!
Bride and groom have a special first meeting before the ceremony

#3: Lauren and her father's dance... all the guests were in stitches as they wowed us with their fancy and funny moves!
Bride and father sharing an entertaining dance

#4: Lauren and Ryan's cake cutting... Seriously, Lauren spent the entire day laughing and crying - it was so sweet!
Bride and groom enjoy cutting the cake

#5: The grand exit... (isn't this one of the coolest pictures ever?!?!?!!!)
Bride and groom make their grand exit as guests throw petals

I don't think you realize how hard that was! I mean, I had to leave out the first kiss, one of the coolest dance shots ever, and lots of party pics! Hmmm... if you're computer-sneaky, you'll be able to find them.

Oh, and let's share one more picture... with ME! :)
Bride and groom with Dale from Benfield Photography

Talk to you soon,

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