Saturday, June 4, 2011

Whitney and Ian's Fort Smith Wedding Photography

Hey everybody!

Whitney and Ian's wedding was just a big ol' party! Not only did I spend the entire day laughing (her bridesmaids kept me cracking up!), I got to spend it with some of my old peeps! More on that in a later. First, let's check out some of Whitney and Ian's details.

Whitney's Wedding Flowers Whitney's Wedding Flowers Whitney's Bridesmaid bouquet
Whitney had a very old, very beautiful bible Whitney's Bridesmaid's dresses Whitney's Bridal Gown

And now look how cute we are...

Oh wait... let's back up...
Here's the lovely Whitney as her veil is set into place...

Whitney got Ian a book (one of those fabulous kinds of books that Meredith helps you with) :) He liked it. ALOT.

My favorite moment of the ceremony wasn't the kiss... it was when Whitney leaned in and said a little prayer for Ian and herself. Not gonna lie... I cried. What can I say? I'm sappy when it comes to things like this...

With that, I leave you for today. Tomorrow I'm going to give details and the story for Whitney's reception. Oh was it pretty!!

Talk to you soon,

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