Monday, August 15, 2011

Ellie is in (and on) USA Today!

Hey everybody!

When I was a journalism student I always heard that for every story we want to share news, but also try to share hope. Today as I read a story on the Joplin Tornado in USA Today, I was so honored that Ellie's perspective was what the reporter used as his piece of hope. I'm super proud of who Ellie is through all that has happened in the past few months. She has such a great big heart and a wonderful little brain. I quoted a bit from the story below, but click on the screen shot to head to the article and read it all for yourself. Grab tissues.

One early August morning found the 7-year-old at Washington, accompanying her mother to her new school. They made their way to a second-floor classroom, where Ellie — in mismatched flip flops, her red hair pulled into pigtails — soon walked to the chalkboard. She scrawled in a lower corner:



The little girl turned away momentarily, then turned back to the board and in two sweeps framed the words with a heart.

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