Monday, August 8, 2011

Mexico, Part DOS

Hey everybody!

Today I wanna share my Ellie portraits with you! If you wanna know more about where we were, read yesterday's post. Let's dig in!

This first dress is one of my favorites that Ellie has ever had. Since it's prime school shopping time, I'll letcha know that this is a Carolina Herrera dress - I can't find it online. :( The necklace here was from Crew Cuts.

When I showed this image to Ellie, she said, that's my...
"Daddy... pleeeeeease??????" face. :)

One of my favorite Ellie pictures ever. The necklace is from Forever21. The dress is Beetlejuice London dress.

Ellie had the bright idea to recreate a shot we did at the beach on a previous family vaca. She's so cute.

Talk to you soon,

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