Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mexico, Part UNO

Hey everybody!

One of the questions I get asked by photographers most is how I balance family life with work life. Honestly, it's tough. When I was building my business (and, in fact, it's always in the building process), I used to be terrible at it. I get consumed by projects, feel compelled to immediately answer emails, and feel that the hardest worker usually gets the best results.

I feel completely humbled that I'm able to support my family doing something I love, and I'm often paranoid that if I let up [my constant 24/7 work], even for a second, it'll start a chain reaction.


When I see Elizabeth's sweet face, and when I see how hard Meredith works, and when I realize that a break from work is sometimes necessary to maintain sanity, I realize the importance of getting away from the world for a bit. So, months and months ago, I just blocked out a weekend and promised that even if a bride called wanting that date, I'd say no.

We decided to take Ellie to Mexico, both because she's never been there (and she learns so much when she travels) and because Meredith and I loved it when we went for our honeymoon. As an added bonus, it was only 85 degrees and breezy everyday (when NWA was setting record high temps)!!

As with every trip, I took a few images of the scenery and some of Ellie. Today, you get the scenery (tomorrow, Ellie).

All these were taken at the Grand Velas resort in the Riviera Maya

Talk to you soon,

P.S. I'd love to know what you think, both about what I wrote (life balance, and how you handle it), and the images!

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