Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maeve and Taylor's Searcy Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

Sometimes I lack the ability to narrow down images. It normally has to do with sensory overload. Here, it has to do with the abnormally large amount of sweet moments that I couldn't NOT share with y'all.

Maeve and her momma...

During their first meeting...

The hardest thing a Dad has to do (but it makes it way easier if it's Taylor as the groom!)

One of my favorite images from the day... Taylor with his two girls. I love this moment.

Loved the room for the reception - made for a really great first dance shot, no?

Taylor and his mom brought it!

Not to be outdone, Maeve and her father had one of the most CHARMING dances I've photographed.

As yesterday's post proved, those boys were fun! They thought it'd be fun to throw our groom up, up, up (higher every time!)

I'm a sucker for a fun party pic...

Tomorrow I'm going to share their wedding portraits with you - you don't wanna miss it!

Talk to you soon,

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