Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Riffraff Gift Card Winner!

Hey everybody!

So, I had a really great day! I had a fun day in the kitchen cooking for and hosting some of my favorite photographers for our annual Christmas party. But on top of that, I got to read a bunch of hilarious "worst" present stories from our blog readers. And, after much debate between myself and the girls, we picked a winner!

Kate Chapman, you win!!! Email me your address and I'll send this, or, I can just drop it by Riffraff and you can pick it up there!

Here are some of our top faves, as well as the winning worst present ever.

As a gift to my whole family my uncle gave us a toilet seat that hooks onto the back of your four wheeler so you can use the restroom in the woods. It took us a while to figure out exactly what it was. It also had a camo covering around it. Needless to say it has ended up in the Dirty Santa pile several times over the past few years.

My grandmother bought me some FUBU sweatpants, and sweatshirt and told me they were the "in" style according to the sales associate at Dillards. Mind you Dale, this was several years ago. To this day I bring up the christmas present she was so proud to get me because she finally thought she had gotten her hands on (before they ran out) an outfit that all the teenagers were wearing.

Kate Chapman
I got a diamond ring. The diamonds in the ring were from my boyfriends mothers wedding rings. She has been married and divorced 5 times and kept all the rings. She took all the diamonds from all of her rings and insisted that he put them in one ring for me. Five failed marriages worth of diamonds went into my "engagement" ring. Needless to say, I will hopefully be getting a new one.

Talk to you soon,

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