Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why I Love My Photo Lab

Hey everybody!

Today's post is mostly for photographers (if you're one of our clients, you can assume the same thing about Mpix as MpixPro, so feel free to read on!). I love my lab. Since I've been been in business, the Miller's family (that means Mpix, MpixPro and Miller's) has been my preferred lab. Have I tried other labs? Sure. Have I been as impressed? Nope.

Miller's has an amazing turnaround time on prints - 24 hours, and has next day shipping. That means that when my clients needed last minute gifts this week, I was able to fulfill them on time and get them delivered in time for Christmas! Yay! You'd think that with everything running at top speed the quality goes down. Nope again! In 13 years of using one of them, the only returns I've ever had to do were because of shipping (oh, fedex...) - Zero for color. And I order pictures. Alot. :) Because of that record, I now just drop ship all my print orders straight to clients (now THAT'S trust!), and I usually get to dress it up with boutique packaging (see the pic below!).

So, this is my big ol' public "THANK YOU!" to Mpixpro and Miller's for taking care of me and my clients again this year! You make me look good!

Merry Christmas!

Talk to you soon,

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