Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Wedding Portraits: Benny Awards Nominees

Hey everybody!

I say the Best Wedding Portrait is the mother-of-all categories! If you haven't had a chance to vote, I think the traffic has subsided a bit and the images have been popping up a bit quicker today! Here are the nominees for best wedding portrait (make sure to click the links above to vote in each category).

Stephanie Z (below)

Lindsey (below)

Sarah (below)

Sherri (below)

Susannah (below)


Cayla Marie (below)

Ashley M (below)

Chelsey (below)

Rebekah (below)

Jennifer B (below)

Lisa (below)

Ashley H (below)

Mallory (below)

Brianna (below)

Hillary (below)

Katy (below)

Maeve (below)

Andrea (below)

Jonna (below)

Emily (below)

Whitney (below)

Meredith (below)

Jamie (below)

Marissa (below)

Christy (below)

Molly (below)

Jennifer M (below)

Jessica (below)

Stephanie B (below)

Talk to you soon,

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