Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lauren's Italy Adventures: Part One!

Ciao i miei amici!

In case you haven't heard, I (Lauren) have moved to Rome, Italy, for the next few months to finish out my degree! However, it hasn't stopped me from working! Dale knew it was a dream of mine to study abroad so we made it work! Each week I'll be writing a blog post of shoots and any adventures in Italy.

I'll also still be designing albums, websites and save the dates, and taking care of all the print orders we get in, so I'll be very much involved with all the ins and outs of Benfield Photography while I'm away until May.

Rome is rich in art and history and almost anywhere you go you stumble upon a famous monument of some sort. Even things such as graffiti are considered works of art and are appreciated much more in Italy than they are in the US. Living in a different country and in a much larger city is definitely taking some getting used to! Here are a few important things I've learned so far in Italy...

1. Speak the language. Yes, the locals will laugh at you but it shows respect and people are much more willing to open up to you.

2. Be the first at the bakery. I'm not a morning person but it doesn't get much better than freshly baked Italian pastries!

3. Watch out for "dog droppings" on the streets! Italians do things a bit differently here and things like that are cleaned by the city... which means they aren't cleaned often enough. My friend, Lizzie, learned that the hard way!

Check out some shots of the city!

Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano, the castle Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were married in!

A ceiling shot of the Pantheon...

The beautiful Lake Bracciano...

and a few new friends...



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