Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary to US!

Hey everybody!!

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary since Meredith and I were officially married (aka signed the marriage license). We've had a crazy year, with some major ups and some heavy downs. Many people say the 1st year is the hardest, but I've found that the hardest times for us were the ones that brought us the closest together. I think that's a good sign, do you? :)

Our wedding was such a dream come true for both of us. We were able to get married in a dream location (Four Seasons in Florence Italy), and have the fanciest reception (and best meal of our lives) - definitely one that Meredith deserved! I'm still ever-thankful for my good friend Becker, who came over and photographed our wedding, and Summer (from Grey Likes Weddings), who came over and styled it and did all our florals for us. It was such a dream because of the amazing talent we had at our wedding. Lastly, a big thank you goes out to our workshop photographers who took amazing pictures of our wedding day and were constant enjoyable company for Mere, Ellie, and me during our time abroad.

I forget if I've said this or not, but I have advice for all our wedding couples on your wedding day:
Before you go to bed, make a list of your favorite things from the day - I promise you'll cherish that list! Meredith and I re-read our list tonight at our fancy dinner. The list is filled with funny anecdotes, inside jokes, and cherished moments. Seriously, couples... you'll be so happy if you do this!

And now, a few of my favorite images from our wedding, photographed by Becker, and capture what I think about the day: a FUN day filled with love and laughter.
If you wanna see more images from the wedding, head to Becker's Blog post!

Talk to you soon,

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