Saturday, April 14, 2012

Benny Brides Tell All: Shiloh!

Hey everybody!

Meredith and I are in the Dominican Republic this week shooting some cool stuff (can't wait to show you!), and since I'm a planner-aheader, I enlisted some fabulous Benny Brides to help keep the blog streak alive amidst my spotty internet. I'm having guest bloggers who are previous Benfield brides share their favorite wedding image and tell us why. Fun! I hope you enjoy!


I think it is fair to say that if you are a Benfield Bride & Groom it is nearly impossible to select your favorite wedding photo. Jonathan and I love every single photo from our wedding day, but if we have to choose just one image, it would be this one...

This photo was taken just after our ceremony. We had a few minutes alone to see the inside of Pratt Place (finally!!) before the reception and we were absolutely blown away. It was incredible. The photo captures every word that we would use to describe our wedding day: gorgeous, rustic, elegant and southern. And, the lighting is amazing. Everything is glowing!!! Love it.


Alaska Proposal; The Time I Almost Blew It.

Hey everybody! Did you ever know something 100% in your heart, but you almost screw it up?  So goes the story of my proposal to Tyler. ...