Friday, April 27, 2012

Joplin HS Prom Benny Booth

Hey everybody!

I had the great honor to head back to the place where I was both a student and a teacher, Joplin High School, for their prom. As part of the surprise ambush team that madeover the JHS prom, the Benny Booth and I (along with Ellie and Mere) helped make some dreams come true for a fabulous prom for a deserving senior class.

I was lucky to work with some amazing people, but most wonderfully, Jenessa Bailey (of J Bailey Occasions). It was great to see her hardworking team make the design come to life for the pre-determined theme. Check out a fun pick of the team below.

The JHS Junior and Seniors were so fun, and I feel like I had a three hour dance party (yeah... well... I was dancing as much as anyone, and Ellie kept joining me!).

Here are some of my favorites from the Benny Booth...
And of course, a couple Benny Stop Actions...
Talk to you soon, Dale

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