Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo Tips Book 1 for Sale

Hey everybody!

We have a great list of photographers and photo-moms alike who have signed up for the Photo Tips o' the Day, and I must say it's been going great! I've done a new tip every weekday and have a monster collection of great tips! I thought I'd offer the first 30 tips in e-book format for those who have not signed up, or have signed up after the start (or, to those who like to have a desktop copy of the tips!)

Since I don't charge to be on the list (yet!), and it takes about an hour a day to plan, write, code, and send them out, I am selling them for $15 - aka... 50 cents per tip. Not bad, right? :)

Today only... I'm selling the e-book for $7 - say whaaaaat??? Tomorrow I'll put the price back up to $15, so if you want it... today's the day! Just click the little guy below and get yours!

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Thanks in advance, friends!

Talk to you soon,

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