Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chelsea and Tyler's Gorgeous Home Wedding

Hey everybody!

For some reason, I just can't narrow down images from Chelsea and Tyler's Fayetteville wedding. Oh wait, I know the reason... they're gorgeous, their details were fabulous, and the day was filled with such sweet moments. Okay, so that was three reasons... does that mean I can show three times as many images? :)

How to-die-for is her custom Vera Wang gown (yowza!)??! And Chelsea holding her bridal bouquet is just fabulous, right?!
Bride getting ready in custom Vera Wang gown and holding bouquet

So, I'm not gonna lie... I LOOOOOVE fun wedding parties! I have known most of these bridesmaids for years from other weddings, and the guys are a hoot! And they're all pretty easy on the eyes!
classy and fun wedding party shot outdoors with the sun shining in

Yeah... the bride and her bridesmaids are pretty Kardashian-esque. Wouldn't you agree? Sexy and sassy bridesmaids pics are the best! :)
fun and sassy bridesmaids with the gorgeous bride

Okay. Now. How SWEET is this moment?! The ring bearer and flower girl are holding hands! My heart just melted.
ring bearer and flower girl walking down the aisle holding hands

Mere was upstairs getting all artsy during the ceremony. I love this shot of the bride's dad about to give her away.
creative ceremony shot through a fancy mirror as the bride's father gives her away

I was so happy the we went to the bride's house a weeks before the wedding so we could plan the lighting. We were able to balance out the outdoor backlight with a couple spotlights that really make them stand out. It TOTALLY makes this shot! Yay for first kisses as husband and wife!!
first kiss as husband and wife

As we stepped outside after the ceremony, I captured this great candid shot (yeah, I know it looks like a portrait!!!) with the vintage restored Mercedes in the background. Perfection.
celebratory kiss as husband in front of a vintage restored Mercedes

Then it was time to celebrate with the girls! They all signed a bottle of Dom Perignon and then had a celebratory glass. Isn't that such a neat idea for the bride to have as a keepsake from her wedding? Uh, YEAH!
bridesmaids and bride celebrating with a signed bottle of Dom Perignon

I love tight dance shots because they show the emotion the couple is feeling. Tyler and Chelsea are great dancers, by the way.
Chelsea Slone and Tyler Brown's first dance as husband and wife

So, I just had to include this one. Her bridesmaids were SO fun. This is what I FELT like doing when I saw the yummy James at the Mill food, but these girls actually DID it. :)
silly bridesmaids enjoying James at the Mill catering

Then the father daughter dance took place as the sun finished setting. I love this image. It says so much about the close relationship Chelsea has with her dad. I can't look at this without a ginormous smile.
bride hugging her father as they finish the father daughter dance

Chelsea and Tyler's cake was super cool - I loved all the gold details on the cake - super fancy (and super tasty)
bride and groom cutting their ivory and gold detailed wedding cake from Rick's Bakery

I put this one in because I adore Chelsea's face as Tyler feeds his bride wedding cake.
gorgeous bride and handsome groom enjoying their Rick's bakery wedding cake

I couldn't decide which bouquet-catching shot I liked more, so I put them together to tell the whole story. How fun!
bride tossing her Purkayastha Floral bridal bouquet to awaiting bridesmaids

How many cool things are there about this image: Chelsea's reaction, the anticipation in the background, oh and the super cool lighting (thank you very much).
the groom flings his brides garter and the ring bearer caught it

Then it was time to boogie down to the live band. Gettin' funky.
wedding party fun dance pictures during the reception

The wedding party had such a fun time on the dancefloor!
wedding party fun dance pictures during the reception

Finally, it was time to leave (sad face!). The bride and groom ran through sparklers and I swear I didn't pose them at the end... they're just THAT good! All I do is push a little button. Well, that and frame the subjects, set my camera, add external lighting, all while walking backward. But other than that... just pushing a button! :)
bride and groom make their leave to sparklers

We're ending Chelsea and Tyler's amazing wedding week tomorrow with some portraits that are heart thumpingly pretty.

Talk to you soon,

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